SPR 555 - Washing Machine

•    SPR-555 reaches the highest efficiency in any preferred vvash cycle, due to its inverter-controlled reduction gear driven motor and specialpower transmission system.

•    5 mm thickness single layered drum structure of SPR-555 SPRINKLER washing machine, designed to achieve the perfect results in washing processes, provides mamum corrosion resistance and strength even against the most corrosive industrial pumice stone washing for denim jeans.

•    llater circulation system without any pmp makes certain that 1:2 to 1:3 Liquor Ratio happens in ali washing processes as well as stone washing.

•    Energy consumption is economized with water circulation system without any pump.

•    Single layered drum structure of SPR-555 SPRINKLER and surface smoothness processed with high sensivity through automatic type welding robots provides completely homogenical and repeatable reci pes.

•    As compared with convantional system, buffer beaters placed between beaters increase the drum total contact surface by%100 so as to provide faster effects for industrial denim washing processes.

•    The increase in the drum total contact surface and low Liquor Flotte provide %40 time savings in comparison with the convantional systems.

•    Through perforated beaters and buffer beaters which extend ali along the drum, water circulation without any pump is ensured equally and permanently ali över the drum.

•    Through 0-40 rpm for vvashing and 40-100 rpm for pre-extraction, perfect industrialjeans vvashing effects and removal of the residual liquor on the garments are ensured betvveen the stages in each process.

•    Progressive chemical dosing is ensured with vvashing chemical tank and pump which can be controlled automatically and manually.

•    The effect of the garments can be monitored and controlled through tempered 10 mm glass main door resistance to scratching and high temperature, and natural v/hite colour led iightings when the garments are under process.

•    Main shaft is made from one-piece ?veldless forged Steel.

•    With unique bearing houses placed casting cases vvhich are specially made for every machine, impermeability is ensured under vvarranty even after longyears.

•    Ali water-touching surfaces are made from high quality AISI 316 L stainless Steel vvhich has high corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.

•    Side covers and body framework of the machine are all-synthetic and made from fiber composite material vvhich has high strength, iightness, design flexibility, dimensional stability, high dielectric resistance, corrosion resistance, molding easiness and surface treatments.

•    The distance betvveen inner - outer drum is only25 mm, vvhich is less vvhen compared to the convantional systems.

•    This machine is operated fully automatically under the control of PLC, touch screen and user - friendly vvashing software, entirely produced by DANI? engineers, vvhich allovvs managing and controlling ali functions and gives possibility to store up to 99 recipes, during the is has a system vvhich allovvs preparing the recipe on a Computer and gives the possibility to transfer it vvith USB flash, developed as an alternative to preparing it on the machine.

•    Ali mechanical parts are 5years and electronical eguipments are threeyears under vvarranty and technical service.

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