All DANIS® branded products are manufactured based on the principles of quality, durability & innovation and stand out with their characteristic of functionality. These products are offered for sale in a wide range, in order to meet all kinds of current needs of customers. Washing and Stone Washing Machines
Each of DANIS washing and stone washing machines which have different capacities and operating system, are remarkable with its technologically equipped mechanism, efficiency, durability and longevity.
MKM 545
MKM 525
MKM 480
MKM 400
MKM 310
DCN 029
DCN 028
Garment Dyeing Machines
DANIS garment dyeing machines, which are specially designed for achieving excellent results, are striking with their stability and their user friendly and comfortable structure.
MKM 550
MK 280
DCN 030
Steam and Gas Dryers
DANIS dryers, working with either steam or gas, are highly preferrred due to their minimum energy and steam/gas consumption, high-performance and short lasting operation.
Centrifugal Hydro-Extractors
DANIS centrifugal hydro-extractors being examples of advanced engineering, operate with high performance and safety. They have an impressive mechanism avoiding any noise and vibration at the high working speed.
Dry Process Machines
DANIS dry process machines, are offered with several different options in order to meet in the most accurate way, the rapidly changing customer needs demanding continuous innovation.
CN 8280
CN 8281-A
CN 8281-M
CN 8282
CN 8283
CN 8284
CN 8285
CN 8286
CN 8287
CN 8288
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