MK 550 Garment dyeing machine is specially designed to achieve perfect results in all kinds of dyeing processes of garments with various fabric types.

This machine of "front loading" type, manufactured with AISI 316L quality stainless steel, has a capacity of dyeing different kinds of garments from 30 Kg to 350 Kg.

MK 550 is operated automatically under the control of PLC, which allows managing and controlling of all functions and gives possibility to store up to 99 recipes. It works in any desired speed, for dyeing processes, in range of 0-40 r.p.m.

Its inner drum with 3 partitions provides achieving the best quality in dyeing. For the aim of raising the performance level in dyeing process, inner door is produced for avoiding the mix-up of dyed garments, as well as for the garments to be protected against deformation.

This machine has 2 chemical containers of 150 lts and a special mixer. These containers with pump operate automatically according to the requirements of the selected program.

The special steam collectors of the machine, while reducing the heating time, play an important role in energy saving. Optional Equipments:
• Extra Chemical Tanks (2 Large and 1 Small Tanks) and Pump For Dyeing Operation
• Rotating Door
• External Heat Exchanger
• External Cooling System
• Air Conditioner For Cooling The Electrical Panel More pictures
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