Danis was founded in early 1970s in İstanbul. We are the first company whichproduced industrial laundry machinery in Turkey. Asa leading washing plant machines manufacturer-exporter and provider of projectmanagement services, DANIS MACHINE offers a variety of machines with multiplechoices of capacity (10 to 500 Kg) and numerous different models for anyparticular needs of its customers. DANIS has been presenting its products and services all over the globe. Itsexportbusiness whichstarted in early 90’s, has now reached at substantial amount. Through the yearsDANIS completed successful projects in many markets of the world,
some of whichare Canada, U.K., Italy, Russia, Morocco, Algeria, India, Pakistan,Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Macedonia, Vietnam, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Mexico,Kenya, Jordan, Mauritis, Sri Lanka, etc. DANIS, as a company which has serious experience in the field of laundrymachinery with over 30 years of experience, and also due to its continuousproduction of good quality and long-lastingproducts, hasbeen leading the competition for many years in Turkey and abroad. Wehave been sourcing for agents in all countries who could representus and protectour interests.



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